Friday, January 14, 2005

Online rentals

Ok, I first joined Netflix five years ago or something crazy like that. Long before it caught fire the way it has now.

I quit for a time when I was too poor and managed to get back nearly two years ago. I've been tempted to go with the Greencine, which is a smaller company which goes to greater lengths to focus on smaller cult titles and building a sense of community. Nicheflix has an absolutely great service and amazing customer service, but ultimately need to be an augment to one of the bigger services in order to work.

Recently, however, I've had increasing problems. Movies have sat a while under "Long Wait" while others, even those who live near me, have it listed as "Available Now" and get their movie after much shorter waits than I do.

Anyway, my friend Ryan ended up telling me about the Blockbuster online service. It's a couple of bucks cheaper. You can rent games. It comes with two free rentals at an actual store.

But, really, even with my recent problems, I was still obviously resistent. This is the Evil Empire.

Not to mention, I'm anything but a normal movie viewer who just wants the newest hit movies sent to him. I need my movies fast, and I need a good selection... and I need them uncut.

Anyway, I'm toying with this. Figuring I'll do the trial. I'm waiting for Netlix to send me Zhang Yimou's Hero. Monday night, it goes on "Available Now" status. I know that Troy should arrive Tuesday morning. It does.

I watch and wait as the number one movie in my queue, which says it's "Available Now" is passed over for another movie much further down my list... which it's now marked as "Shipping Wednesday".

Suffice it to say, I suddenly took the idea of changing providers much more seriously. I've looked over the Blockbuster site. It offers the uncut versions of all the movies I've looked for. It even offers Thriller: A Cruel Picture, which Netflix clearly purposely skipped ordering in September along with the other Synapse releases.

So far, I've found Django by Sergio Corbucci - which Netflix has listed as "Coming Soon" for over a year now, despite it being released in April, 2004 - T.N.T. Jackson, Comin' At Ya! (which I'm a little trepidatious about getting, if they don't send 3-D glasses with), Mario Bava's The Whip and the Body, Maniac, The Master Gunfighter directed by and starring Tom Laughlin, Dario Argento's Cat O'Nine Tails, Cockfighter by Monte Hellman and The Church by Michele Soavi.

All of these movies are not in the Netflix catalog. Most of these I did, at one point or other, request from Netflix. Most of these movies are currently in print.

The only thing I've found the reverse to be true of was The Cheerleaders Collection, which I actually own.

My guess is that my long, and mostly happy, relationship with Netflix is coming to an end.

Blockbuster has 2-weeks to screw it up. So far, they've shipped Hero, Django and Garden State in short order and they've arrived quickly.

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