Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sky Captain

I'm not sure exactly what to say about Sky Captain and World Of Tomorrow. It comes close on many levels to being the next Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

I'm surprised to see that Kerry Conran both wrote and directed it. The writing has the pizazz of an Indy movie, crackling dialogue, exciting situations, etc., that the movie itself wasn't quite able to deliver on. The energy isn't quick or energetic enough. My original inclination was to blame the cast, but I think ultimately every element in the movie was mistimed.

And, yes, it looked amazing. I'm quite pleased to say that the film itself only topped the impression I got from the trailers.

I may have further thoughts later. I think the project given to the studio, a screenplay and art designs could have been turned into fucking brilliant film. Sure, the whole having a character whose name mean "Deadhead" in fairly basic German, and "casting" a dead actor, doesn't leave that character's true state as much of a surprise, but I'm not sure that should have been a big deal, especially with a snappier pace keeping the movie going and the audience too busy hanging on the next plot development.

I think with properly executed time, it would have worked. I can't tell if it fell apart on set or in editing, but it just never catches fire the way it ought to. It should have been Howard Hawks directs Flash Gordon but it's ultimately something altogether more plodding.

Too bad. I was really, really excited by this concept.

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