Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ebert on Groundhog Day

The Great Movies - Groundhog Day by Roger Ebert.

In his original review, Groundhog Day review, he gave it three stars. He acknowledges it as "a film that finds its note and purpose so precisely that its genius may not be immediately noticeable. It unfolds so inevitably, is so entertaining, so apparently effortless, that you have to stand back and slap yourself before you see how good it really is.

"Certainly I underrated it in my original review; I enjoyed it so easily that I was seduced into cheerful moderation. But there are a few films, and this is one of them, that burrow into our memories and become reference points."

I'm glad he's made this acknowledgment. Part of what I what I admire about Ebert is his willingness to have these kinds of things, especially since this is indeed a Great Movie.

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