Monday, February 21, 2005


A pre-adolescent with a genuine obsession with Robert E. Howard's Conan has to pick an artist who represents their Conan.

Many people choose Boris Vallejo, Barry Windsor-Smith or John Buscema... and there is definitely something to be said for each of those choices. I ain't the guy who's going to be sayin' 'em, though. For me and my buddy Quentin (there's somebody I wish I knew whatever happened to), it was Frank Frazetta.

Now, even though my Conan fandom lives on, this isn't a post about Conan or even Conan art. It's about Frazetta. That's part of the reason I didn't choose a Conan picture to represent here.

Frazetta art moves me. A substantial majority of his most famous works are fantasy, but it all features people who look like they've been breathing, eating, fighting, bleeding, fucking and shitting through their world. And that's really just the beginning. His use of color and light is beautiful and vivid, both rough and real in effect but almost expressionist in flavor.

Lord knows, I'm not as qualified as I once was to express my love of art in the language of the field, and I never was that good...

But that pre-adolescent boy wanted terribly badly to be Frazetta. I worked on page after page of drawings... before I realized that I'm just not that good at drawing. Oh, well...

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