Sunday, February 20, 2005

Geeks suck!

Sometimes it's just embarrassing to be a geek.

Now, apparently, Sci-Fi is making a new mini-series based on John W. Campbell's Who Goes There? They will be calling it "The Thing", to match the earlier adaptations of the story.

New Andromeda, Thing In Works has the announcement.

This is probably a stupid idea, but who cares really?

Anyway, on the IMDb message boards - man, oh, man, was that ever a bad idea - there's a fierce battle raging about remaking John Carpenter's classic film, The Thing


One fellow pops in to spread a little logic around, "You do realize that the movie you love so much is actually a remake itself (of The Thing From Another World)."

Ah, that should restore order to the universe.


How's about this? "The Thing was NOT a remake of the earlier The Thing From Another World. It was never intended to be a remake, and as already mentioned, has a lot more to do with 'Who Goes There?' than the 50's Thing movie."

The most amazing coincidence in that "fact" is how John Carpenter made a movie from the same story as a movie he had paid extensive homage to in Halloween, and remarkably, with no intent whatsoever of anything that could reasonably considered a remake, used the popular title of that film but also recreated its iconic credit sequence. Where was his head there?

Read the whole thread here: Message Board for The Thing (2005)

Me? I'm sick of the whole thing. I'm sick of Hollywood regurgitating old ideas, and I'm at least as sick of the inevitible whining of sissy fanboys.


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