Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Grudge

I'm debating on when to watch The Grudge. I was kind of excited to watch it right away, but also thinking of waiting for the library to send me a copy of Ju-On, and maybe watch that first.

Now, the word on the street, try Unrated Grudge DVD on the way, that an unrated version is coming out soon. "This edition, they reveal, will include scenes trimmed for the PG-13 rating, including moments involving child endangerment and at least one very cool-sounding setpiece (which we won't spoil here). This cut may also eliminate a scene or two in The Grudge designed to explain the supernatural concepts to American audiences"

That sounds potentially a lot better for me. Maybe when I get Ju-On, it'll relieve my desire enough that I can hold off.

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