Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mark Evanier on the "60 Minutes II" Stan Lee Story

Must See Lee TV by Mark Evanier.

He notes, "The 60 Minutes Wednesday story on Stan Lee tonight is a good example of why I've lost so much respect for TV news. Some fans will probably be upset with Stan because he was hailed as the sole creator of Spider-Man, The Hulk, The X-Men, etc., with no mention of his collaborators. Jack Kirby was not mentioned. Steve Ditko's artwork was shown but he was not mentioned."

And concludes that "even if [Lee] didn't mention Kirby and Ditko, it's the responsibility of any TV reporter to do at least a little independent fact-checking on their interviewees. Can you imagine a newsman going out to do a story on Paul McCartney who didn't know of John Lennon? I don't know how you could fact-check Stan Lee in the slightest and not discover that Spider-Man has been hailed by everyone, including Stan himself, as the joint creation of Lee and Ditko."

But most chillingly pointed out, "As I write this, these people are covering the State of the Union address, the War in Iraq and the proposals for revamping Social Security...all, probably, with the same dedication to accuracy."

I've hit some high points, but he really builds a much stronger case in there that's more than worth reading in its entirity.

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