Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Oh, man! "Deadwood" is like heaven!

"I could watch people being eaten by animals, like, 24 hours a day. They should have a whole channel of just that."
-- David Milch

Ok, I don't suppose there's any big surprise that Deadwood was right up my alley.

But let's be clear... There are a whole buncha reasons beyond the obvious "it's a Western" ones.

First off, I adore Keith Carradine. I think he's the best thing since buttered muffins and just dead-on perfect to play Wild Bill Hickok. Secondly, I think David Milch may be the greatest writer in the history of television... or I thought something really close to that before and this his pushed him to the top of the pile. There is a richness of character and tone here that's just wonderful.

And, c'mon, any guy who can say the above quote while describing his show is probably writing a show I can get behind.

And the whole cast is amazing, famous and not. It's a rich cast full of interesting mugs and marvelous performances.

I'll sort out a lot more thoughts in upcoming days, as I watch more. Unfortunately, I'm watching one disk at a time and I'm totally hooked. Prepare to be bored.

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