Tuesday, February 01, 2005

There's a new world coming!

This is There's A New World Coming by Hal Lindsey. It's a loony Jesus comic from the early '70s. It's also a PDF file, which is officially not my favorite format to read comics in, but it's totally worth it. It's drawn in the style of an Archie Comic, the company that published this, Spire Christian Comics, also did publish a series of Archie comics in a creepy Christian style, mostly by Al Hartley.

Honestly, my love of Archie and the gang and their wacky and square, but ultimately secular, adventures taints my ability to completely enjoy the absurdity of them preaching rigid hard-core Christianity, so this is much more fun for me. And while the Filthy Hippies insist the book is "badly drawn", I can't say I agree.

Trust me here, this motherfucker is Jeso-hippie-riffic!

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