Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sin City reviews

Ain't It Cool reviews of Sin City

I don't put much faith in Ain't It Cool Reviews. For whatever it's worth, these are quite positive and have a lot of spoilers if you haven't read the stories on which it's based. There's spoilers below, too.

Here's my beef, though.

"... additionally, Jessica Alba's choice to keep her clothes on hurts the film rather than helps it."

That's gonna fucking suck!

Somebody should smack her, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller for that one.

That scene with him walking in a seeing a topless Nancy, all grown up, is a stand-out moment in the whole series. The energy that moment has and how she looks like she owns her body and owns the whole world from that stage is one of the most amazing single moments in comics, I think.

It's possible it could have been done by someone with more presence, but I've seen that in the trailer and it's the only moment that the screen drops dead. Everything else is electric and that is... Well, it is. She's, well, she's cute.

She doesn't own the world, though.

Fuck you all. I could give a rat's ass if I ever see Jessica Alba's boobs, but in this movie I really wanted to see Nancy Callahan's.

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