Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tobe Hooper's Toolbox Murders

Imagine the guy who made The Texas Chain Saw Massacre getting together with the guy who made Poltergeist and the guy who made The Funhouse and makin' a kick ass new... Hey, wait a minute!
Ok, that was me bein' cute, for those who didn't know. Those films were all made by one dude.

Tobe motherfuckin' Hooper!

Yep, I watched Toolbox Murders last night, and, let me tell you, after more than a decade of drought, which is nowhere near as much fun as a decade of draught, Mr. Hooper has made a movie that lives up to the career he started out with.

It stars Angela Bettis from May, who I'm kinda crushin' on right now, and who gets a real opportunity to step out of her wallflower roles and really play something interesting. It also has a remarkably strong and interesting cast of characters. And while it sets you up for a slasher movie, it slowly turns into something magical. If The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is "Hansel & Gretel" (and it is, by the way), then this Tobe Hooper's "Alice In Wonderland".

You should definitely check it out.

Me? I'm gonna check out the commentary soon and I'm even more excited for Mortuary than ever.

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