Thursday, April 07, 2005

Born... to kill

I read The Punisher: Born for the first time, as a whole, today.

I read the first issue when it came out and found it intriguing, but apparently not compelling enough not to wait before reading how it came out. It wasn't so much that I didn't enjoy it, but it certainly felt like something that was going to add up to more as a whole than it ever could as four single issues.

Assuming that's how I felt, I was definitely right. This is completely a single story and quite a powerful one at that.

It's actually, despite some bold strokes, one of the most subtle stories I've seen from Garth Ennis. His definition of a young Frank Castle and his birth as The Punisher is strong and poignant, reminding me a lot of how the Preacher saga began to really get genuinely dark in a quiet and ugly kind of way before it finally came crashing to its conclusion.

I'm happy to include it in my personal vision of the life of Frank Castle.

Last night, I watched Cockfighter by Monte Hellman for the first time in a decade or two. It used to run on Showtime more often than any reasonable person could make sense of.

It's the rather peculiar story of a rather unpleasant man who quits talking until he wins the Cockfighter Of The Year medal. It's the kind of story that all really depends on creating a feeling of place and the people who inhabit, which it does incredibly. The acting, lead by the great Warren Oates, is all amazing. Even familiar faces surprise with the complexity of their performances.

I suppose it'll never be the kind of movie that will attract a huge audience. It's another weird art movie about an exploitation subject. Man, it's great to find these fuckers!

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