Monday, April 18, 2005

Devil or angel

My friend Emmett Montgomery is polling around about what you would choose to have as the angel and devil on your shoulder that advise you when you can't decide what moral choice to make. His would be Billy Jack and Dr. Anton Phibes. Honestly, that's pretty hard to beat. The rugged hero with a dark side who strives for peaceful solutions but kicks ass when the time comes and the refined sophisticated doctor whose love and longing lead him to acts of cruelty and destruction.


His favorite answer aside from that is cantaloupe and Spam. It's interesting.

I tried to come up with a combination using Alex from A Clockwork Orange without any luck. I was suggested Cuchillo, Tomás Milian's peasant from Sergio Sollima's The Big Gundown and Run, Man, Run, which is quite an excellent choice.

After that, I figured out that the real answer is Orion and Kalibak, the two sons of Darkseid from Jack Kirby's epic New Gods series. I pretty much think that one covers my answer perfectly. Unfortunately, it's a little too geeky for most, so...

The official answer for all those who don't share my geeky Kirby fixation, or even recognize the references made to such, shall be Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam, just to save myself long explanations of twin worlds and pacts, etc. It's also a pretty solid second choice for me. The clever and and ornery hero out to keep stability in his own world telling me the right thing with the loudmouth, impossible to ignore shoutin' and stammerin' hillbilly telling me the wrong thing. That's not far from how it is now, frighteningly enough.

I'm also really fond of Dr. Zarkov from Flash Gordon and Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes, although I'm pretty sure I'm not quite the right personality type for them.

So, how about you? Let's hear some of y'all's choices.

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