Saturday, April 09, 2005

Goldeneye and more Bond babble

I watched Goldeneye last night.

I think I neglected to mention that it was my first time.

Die Another Day was, oddly, enough, the first Brosnan Bond I saw. It sucked.

Goldeneye, well, it didn't actually suck, but it doesn't really feel like a Bond movie either. I mean, it's a perfectly entertaining British spy action-adventure, which puts it vaguely in the same vein, but it still doesn't feel right.

The current rumor going around it that all of the Brosnan is leaving announcements have all been a ploy and they're about to announce his new deal. I hope it's not true. With an adaptation of Casino Royale, the first and best of Ian Fleming's novels, on the table, it's the perfect time to reassert Bond as fuckin' 007 and Sin City showed how kick ass Clive Owen can be as an action star.

Let's show Brosnan the door. He's had a chance and never nailed the Bond feel. In fact, he's had twice as much chance as Timothy Dalton, who actually did a significantly better job. Time to move on.

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