Saturday, April 30, 2005


I don't believe I've said often enough how awesome an album Kristofferson is.

Let me be clearer here. I don't think it's humanly possible to state often enough how truly awesome an album Kristofferson is, but sometimes you have to reach out and make the effort.

Kris Kristofferson, it turns out, is one of those sick fuckers who was able to make something more important and brilliant than most people will ever create first time out of the gate. I can't think there's anything reasonable about that in the least.

I suppose enough people have covered the genius of "Me & Bobby McGee", "Help Me Make It Through The Night" and "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" that they don't need my help, but seriously. Along with "For The Good Times", these perfectly capture every aspect of loneliness as I've ever experienced it. You'd think a feeling like that would be good enough to remember occasionally, but somehow knowing that Kris felt the way always helps feel a little better.

"On a Sunday mornin' sidewalk, wishin', Lord, that I was stoned."

But there's also the biting satirical "Blame It On The Stones", which opens the album, and "Law Is For The Protection Of The People". They are both as funny as they are biting and on target.

"Father's at the office, nightly working overtime. Trying to make the secretary change her little mind. And it bothers him to read about so many broken homes. Blame it on The Rolling Stones."

The honest and powerful portraits in "Just The Other Side Of Nowhere" and "Darby's Castle" always hit too close to home in some way for me, despite neither describing anything from my own experience.

"I've got a mind to see the headlights shining on that old white line between my heart and home. Sick of spendin' Sundays wishing they were Mondays, sittin' in a park alone. So give my best to anyone who's left who ever done me any lovin' way but wrong. Tell 'em that the pride of just the other side of nowhere's goin' home."

Maybe that's actually how I feel all the time, just without a "just the other side of nowhere" to go home to. That's rather pitiful. I'll hope that's just melancholy kickin' me in the ass. Anyway...

"... there's still a lotta drinks that I ain't drunk and lots of pretty thoughts that I ain't thought. Lord, there's still so many lonely girls in this best of all possible worlds."


Søren Stochholm said...

I've been wondering about Darby's Castle. What is the story behind the song? Do you know what Kristofferson is talking about in the last vers:

Then one night he heard a sound, as he laid his pencil down,
And he traced it to her door and turned the handle.
And the pale light of the moon through the window of the room,
Split the shadows where two bodies lay entangled.


Neil Sarver said...

Darby's wife and another fella - I assume fella - are, well, entangled.

I mean, previous to that, he'd been working on plans for the house, heard something and walked toward the sound...

Does that help?

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