Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Swamp Thing

I'm a big, big Swamp Thing fan.

I love the original run by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson run.

I love the follow-up run by Alan Moore and all of the wonderful artists on that.

I'd happily read the stories that come between those, Swamp Thing #11-24 and Saga Of The Swamp Thing #1-19 (Saga Of The Swamp Thing #20 is the uncollected Alan Moore issue that I've also never read), despite those not having the finest reputation. I suppose if I had money or time, I'd track those all down.

Happily, however, DC has collected the next issues after Moore's run as Swamp Thing: Regenesis by Rick Veitch. I want to say, I couldn't be happier! I've always been a little concerned how that would go, and Swamp Thing: Reunion, the final Moore collection, goes into some pretty esoteric territory. Veitch really manages to keep it down to earth while still building on those ideas. It's a fantastic follow-up, deserving a much stronger reputation than it has.

I really hope they put together a collection or two (at least) of the issues that follow from there. I'd grab 'em up quick and hopefully pass on the good word here.

It's be especially nice since the new series by Andy Diggle and Enrique Breccia, starting with Swamp Thing: Bad Seed, is a very exciting return of the big guy and it's story is firmly rooted, so to speak, in the stories between those contained in any collection.

I'm ready, DC, bring it on!

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