Sunday, May 22, 2005

If You Live, Shoot!

Ok, I'm going to respect director Giulio Questi's feelings and call the movie If You Live, Shoot! and not Django Kill. Lord knows, it does make a lot more sense. Not that anything could describe it too sensibly.

Notes From The Unhappy Place by Mark Wickum makes a decent effort.

Maybe you should just watch the trailer. It actually may be my favorite movie trailer ever. And it gives as much set-up as anyone ought to have for this movie.

It's a vile and violent exploitation movie and yet it seems to owe as much to Fellini as to Leone or some more exploitative filmmaker. It's the kind of movie that forces you to call it a meditation because it's not necessarily clear what it wants to show you, but it's so compelling and purposeful about it that you are forced to think it is what intends to be, but you have to think about what that is.

I'm still thinking about it.

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