Friday, May 20, 2005

Stuff that ain't Star Wars

Yes, yes, I have seen that, but I want to make sure to cover that well, so it'll get it's own posting.

I've also recently seen Constantine, which I enjoyed. Ok, yes, you totally have to put Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Brian Azzarello et al out of your mind. This ain't that guy! Once you've done that, it's a fine little movie.

Oddly, my biggest issues came in the very few brief moments when it would remind me of the comic book character and be disappointed that we wouldn't at least get that movie as well.

Also, the writing suffers from trying to be too many thing to too many people, I thought, but the cast was quite good and the direction did an excellent job of keeping things moving along and compelling. I'll totally see his next movie.

I watched the big Quentin Tarantino CSI: Crime Scene Investigation season finale. The gist: One of the best "CSI" episodes ever, but not the best Tarantino work by a long shot. It had some nice homages to Italian genre films, some nice giallo close shots of gloved hands and some extreme lighting, etc. The story was tight, although they had altogether too many commercial breaks, and it was a refreshing change of pace. I also thought Tarantino brought out an actor in William Peterson that I've not seen much through the wooden performances he usually gives.

I'm sad about Frank Gorshin's passing. He was quite a talent and an underappreciated one at that. He was great as The Riddler, of course. Not quite as great as John Glover, but a thousand times better than Jim Carrey. But he was also a lot more, a very talented mimic and actor.

I have a copy of End of the Trail, a collection of western stories by Robert E. Howard, and the DVD of Django Kill... If You Live Shoot!, so I may be in for another round of western geeking. You can all feel duly warned.

And, yes, I will say plenty about that. Too much to just rush it out.

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