Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I've been watching the creepy stuff recently. I know, it's not really new, but I'm putting my effort in for study purposes lately.

I watched The Omen by Richard Donner and it's sequel, Damien: Omen II. The original is quite effective and creepy. I think it works better for me than The Exorcist, which I admire a lot as a piece of filmmaking but seems too tied in to esoteric Catholic beliefs to really put the whammy on me. It's clear from the commentaries, however, that William Friedkin is, to whatever extent, a beliver and that Richard Donner is not, so maybe that's the ultimate difference. Damien has a very creepy Damien performance and more great Jerry Goldsmith score, but not much else. Too bad.

The Machinist is another one of those movies I admired more than I enjoyed. I've largely sworn off watching those, as a rule, but Christian Bale's performance did make it well worthwhile. I also liked the deliberate pace quite a bit and how the suspense built. I'm just not sure it added up to as much as I'd hoped.

Last night it was the original Village of the Damned. Damn, there is nothing creepier than little English kids. Brilliant stuff. The sequel, Children of the Damned, is also on the DVD. I'll get to that soon.

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