Sunday, June 05, 2005

Let's get something straight!

Let's be clear here.

Pronunciation: 'gil-tE
Function: adjective
1 : justly chargeable with or responsible for a usually grave breach of conduct or a crime
2 obsolete : justly liable to or deserving of a penalty
3 a : suggesting or involving guilt b : aware of or suffering from guilt

Pronunciation: 'i-n&-s&nt
Function: adjective
1 a : free from guilt or sin especially through lack of knowledge of evil : blameless b : harmless in effect or intention; also : candid c : free from legal guilt or fault; also : lawful
2 a : lacking or reflecting a lack of sophistication, guile, or self-consciousness : artless, ingenious b : ignorant; also : unaware
3 : lacking or deprived of something

Ok, now, one supposes these dumbasses here mean 1c and not 1a or 1b, but still, those are what "innocent" really means. The later use is simply an innocence by somewhat dubious implication.

Michael Jackson may be many things and among those things may be lacking in legal guilt for the specific charges offered up by the state against him. I've not studied the issue carefully enough to be sure of the specifics to make a legal verdict, but I can logic myself through, I bet.

He's most certainly not fucking innocent, one way or the other. No 45 year old man sleeps innocently with 12 year old boys. None. I know that's the claim, but it's complete bullshit.

You and I both really know that when that jury comes back, they won't exonerate him Fatty Arbuckle style, will they? His lucky day will be a dubious acquittal only slightly more reasonable than the one given to O.J. Simpson.

Now, most of the case, not the legal case, the bullshit case made by his supporters out in the world, is crap. It's based on stupid assumptions and an innocence of knowledge.

The main one, of course, is that he loves kids. How could he be hurting them if he loves them so much?

That's just dumb! You know that, right? You didn't even bother to think this one through.

I, as a heterosexual man, love women. My love of women occupies more of my thoughts than would behoove me in some ways. My love of women has, on occasion, also led me to fuck women. That's how I express this great and powerful love.

Now, let's look at the word pedophile a moment.

The prefix "pedo-" is derived from the Greek paid and means "child". It's also used in the word "pediatrician", as an example. The suffix "-phil" or "-phile" is derived from the Greek philos. It means "lover or one having an affinity for or a strong attraction to", such as "anglophiles" love the English and "philosophers" love wisdom.

Pedophiles love kids! That's what makes them motherfuckin' pedophiles!!!

They just lack the judgment the rest of us have to know how to express that love. Their love becomes love. Undoubtedly some exist with this affliction who make their way through with images in their head and healthy supply of Vaseline and that's fine. Whatever. It ain't innocent, but it's good enough.

Now, sleeping with 12 year olds. That's crossing some line. I'm not sure what to call it, but it's stepped a long way past fucking innocence.

Here's a person that clearly thinks of pre-adolescents and adolescents as his peers. No one argues this, not even him. He says it outright, because some very bad people fucked his head up but good and, well, he doesn't understand the point J.M. Barrie was making.

People fuck people they think of as peers!!! Nearly everyone with a libido will get around to it eventually. When 12 year olds fuck, they mostly fuck 12 year olds. And that's hardly that big a deal. Sure, I'm not going to spend too much time thinking about it... you know, once I've spilled my seed, that is.

The notion that anyone who spends an inordinate amount of their time socializing with a specific group and some part of 'em doesn't think about taking some time going a little further is not only is not only implausible, it's absurd.

If the son of a bitch has the resistance to avoid fucking kids, and, if he's sleeping with them, that's very, very unlikely, he still has to want to. People want to fuck their peers!!! All living beings do, in fact. It's a biological imperative! He admits to thinking of children as his peers. Did you think about all this shit at all?

Does this make that kids family not fucked up? No! They let their kid sleep with Michael Jackson!!! Don't let this asshole escape the justice of your own logical judgment because of this line of crap. Good people don't let their kids sleep with strange grown men, so every single person who he's fucked over with his evil, he would be able to supply this defense for. And it's utter bullshit. Think a moment. At least try!

Does this make "Beat It" kick less ass? Does it make "The Way You Make Me Feel" rock the house less? Well, fuck no. Although possibly more creepy to actually listen to... but remember, it's not the music's fault.

Really, it's yours. You were there and watching this little boy put on the sexy show and dancing and moaning like a sexualized grown-up and you cheered and smiled. And if you didn't do it then, well, you'll probably do it next time one comes along. It looks very cute and charming when done right, doesn't it?

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