Monday, June 06, 2005

Movies that don't actually suck...

... everyone thinks are actually awesome!

Fuck, those drive me up a tree. I'm not even going to get into old favorites like Fight Club and The Matrix. They really are basically failed attempts at something that people hold up as something else, but they're also really old news.

First, I'll discuss Cabin Fever, because I'm currently watching the commentary...

Ok, why, if I'm not so fond of the damned movie, why the fuck am I watching the commentary? Well, Vincent Pereira said it had a lot of valuable information on making independent horror movies, which I'm looking into right now, for obvious reasons. I'm not sure how valuable I'm finding all of this, but it is certainly entertaining and I respect even more what Eli Roth was trying to do and would love to hang out and talk movies with him.

Like I respect the idea that he wanted to start as a kind of teen comedy to get the movie started, but in context it's all too broad to follow up with the suspense horror it moves into. I think what Sam Raimi achieves with Evil Dead 2 in blending horror and comedy is truly amazing, but part of its success is that the comedy and horror have the same logic. It actually has a remarkable brilliance in that.

Cabin Fever has the store and the deputy which are really funny, but too broad to take seriously once they've taken place. It's two movies that clash up against and work against each other. Both of them have a lot about them that works, and I'm now definitely happy to see his next movie, but it just doesn't quite work. The horror lacks suspense.

But this is a guy who thinks The Sixth Sense is really, really scary. If you scare that easy, how can you expect him to be able to have the shit to scare me?

The other thing pissing me off is Napoleon Dynamite. Hell, I liked that even more than I did Cabin Fever as a whole. But there's fucking shit everywhere about this fucking thing!

What the fuck is wrong with the world?

Yes, I know what the problem is. The world is all middle-of-the-road, but likes to imagine that they're weird and quirky. Napoleon Dynamite is one of those middle-of-the-road movies that has a surface quirkiness that makes middle-of-the-road people feel quirky when they're watching it. It's faux quirky malarky.

Ultimately, though, it's a movie that isn't really good enough to be a good movie in the comedy genre, like say Fast Times at Ridgemont High and isn't funny enough to be a really good comedy, like Kingpin. Who the fuck really cares? This whole pseudo-cult of mainstream interest just rubs me the wrong way.

Anyway, I'm off to watch the Candyman special edition and hopefully wash some of this mediocrity out of my system.

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