Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not innocent

I said there would be no Fatty Arbuckle style exoneration in the Michael Jackson case and I was right.

Here are some quotes from this story, Jackson must be tougher, lawyer says by Dan Whitcomb.

Juror Raymond Hultman told CNN he felt "Michael Jackson probably has molested boys" but the evidence presented at trial was insufficient to convict him.

Jury foreman Paul Rodriguez said jurors were "very troubled" that Jackson, by his own admission, had overnight sleepovers with children.

Asked by nationally syndicated radio host Howard Stern whether anyone on the jury had wanted to convict Jackson, juror Eleanor Cook said, "a lot of us wanted to, but we couldn't."

So, let's be clear. This was a vote of not guilty in the specific case and how the state was able to present it to a jury, but this by no means is to suggest the man is innocent!

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