Monday, July 04, 2005

Blade: Trinity

I watched Blade: Trinity.

It's not as bad as I'd feared, for whatever that's worth. I suspect at some point there was a draft or a treatment or at least a pitch that was pretty damn good.

And, while Ryan Reynolds doesn't come close to being the comics Hannibal King, he does make for an entertaining character... moreso than Wesley Snipes, who doesn't see there for this one at all (Drugs, Stand-Ins, Mood Swings and Legal Action: The Real Wesley Snipes by Chris Parry). Jessica Biel does an adequate job with a character that's never given anything to do.

Honestly, I thought with turning what was obviously supposed to be a riff on Rachel Van Helsing into Whistler's daughter would at least build a relationship between the father and daughter. This just cut an enormous and unnecessary hole in Blade continuity. Without any reason for that, Rachel Van Helsing and her connection to Dracula would have made for a much more interesting dramatic edge. Ultimately, her character comes to naught. She's stronger and takes less hits in battle than the men, making for kind of subtle sexism of being afraid of showing a woman taking blows along with the men.

Dominic Purcell does a respectable acting job with Dracula, in what was the start of a fresh take, but lacked the presence to quite pull it off all the way. I heard it suggested that Goran Višnjić would have been a better choice and I can't say I disagree.

Ultimately, I know I think that something that drew more directly from Tomb of Dracula would have been more interesting and stood out from the crowd much more than this. I know that makes me sound like just a fanboy, but I promise... I've enjoyed the previous Blade movies in their own way and spent no time at all decrying that the movie Blade is much more intense and icy that the rather Shaft-like Blade of the comics.

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