Thursday, July 14, 2005

Corman and Barker

Roger Corman to direct Barker-inspired "Masters of Horror" by Sean Decker and Jack Ulrich.

"Legendary director Roger Corman will be directing a Mick Garris-scripted episode of Showtime’s Masters of Horror series based on a Clive Barker short story. Del Howison, proprietor of the Burbank, CA genre store Dark Delicacies and editor of the forthcoming horror anthology Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre, tells Fangoria, 'Barker’s story "Haeckel's Tale" is a grotesque, erotic horror piece about making love with the dead.' Barker’s original story, from which the screenplay was based, will appear in the aforementioned Dark Delicacies anthology, due out this October through Avalon Press.

"Yesterday, Daily Variety came with an insert full of information on 'Masters', including synopses of all 13 entries. Ain’t It Cool News posted the synopses, and you can find that info here."

This pretty much couldn't be cooler news to me. Well, ok, Barker himself or maybe Richard Matheson writing the teleplay.

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