Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dark Water by Hideo Nakata

We watched the original Dark Water by Hideo Nakata last night... Yeah, we had the Revolutionary War themed movies rented, but ultimately couldn't bring ourselves to be in the mood.

With the new remake, also Dark Water, coming out, my growing curiosity about this original was undeniable. I had to see it.

Well, the people responsible for the remake aren't going to be that happy, because they lost my sale. This was a great, beautiful and haunting - literally and figuratively - movie. I feel very much like I did after seeing Open Your Eyes. Whatever merit the American remake may have, the trailers either repeat the same imagery, repeated more heavy-handedly, or seem to be over-explaining the subtle mysteries.

I definitely recommend seeing this movie. It gave me a genuine fright and actually made me tear up at one point. I doubt the remake will be able to manage either, even if it is solid and well-acted.

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