Monday, July 18, 2005

The Entity

Ok, tonight's thrilling bit of cinema joy was The Entity by Sidney J. Furie, from a screenplay by Frank De Felitta, based on his own novel, The Entity. The story is, in part, a fictionalized version of the case of Doris Bither and the only extra discusses the "facts" of that case in some greater detail.

While I'm spouting off facts, waiting to say all the stuff about the movie, let me make note of the upcoming remake by Hideo Nakata, director of Ring, Dark Water and The Ring Two. Could be interesting. There's certainly enough right and enough off about the original to make a good remake possible... of course, that was also true of The Amityville Horror, wasn't it?

First off, what works. Well, the cast. Barbara Hershey, Ron Silver and the rest of the cast, sell the crap out of this. Which is important, because true story or not, this is all pretty goofy stuff. If you don't believe your lead is being raped by ghosts, then the whole movie is shot. I hope Hideo Nakata can remember that.

The selling of the concept is done so incredibly effectively - and vividly - that it carries the movie on it's back until near the end. Ultimately, though, I think part of the horror of something like this story is that helpless feeling of no one believing you and begging for help and none comes. This movie becomes less and less scary as more and more people come to believe her and try to help.

But, really, I'm selling it too short. The performances and the mightiness of the horror in the beginning make this more than worth checking out. It almost makes me want to sit down and write a really good solid ghost story. Lucky for everyone, I'm not going to bother.

The only special feature on the disk is a discussion of the real case with Dr. Barry E. Taff. It's interesting and he certainly comes across and a credible and sober man, but I couldn't help wondering what James Randi would say watching that documentary with me. Something either more focused on the movie itself or more balanced would have satisfied me a lot more.

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