Wednesday, July 20, 2005

James Doohan, RIP

'Star Trek's' Scotty, James Doohan, dead at 85

When I was a kid, Scotty was my favorite Star Trek character. I was about to write "Original Series" character, but when I was a kid, there was no such concept. There weren't even movies, ferchrissake!

This is part of why I always loved the episode The Lights of Zetar, co-written by Shari Lewis, so much (it also scared the piss out me, which is a feeling I've always enjoyed, but not one that an adult viewing of the episode has ever repeated for me). It was the one episode with Scotty in love... and I've always been a big dork for crap like that.

I'm sad he's dead now. That sounds a little unprofound as I write it, but it somehow doesn't compare to the sadness of a couple of years back reading the he had Alzheimer's Disease. Everyone who ever saw him speak, a group of which I am not a member, says that he was full of wonderful anecdotes and memories of his experiences, from the war to "Star Trek" to whatever. That was horribly sad news.

I suppose if the person that lived in that body was already gone, then it's just as well the body itself didn't have to stay here any longer. It does have a kind of finality to it, though.

So, I guess today we can lower our heads and lift a glass of Scotch - or just something green - to Mr. Doohan.


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