Friday, July 29, 2005

Movie night

The Green Butchers is a Danish black comedy. I picked it up on a lark and ended up laughing most of the way through. The actors were hilarious and well-cast. If you enjoy a good comedy about cannibalism, then definitely find this one.

Boogeyman was another one of those movies that shouldn't have been bad. I was prepared for the worst, but it didn't deliver that... at least not until the end. It actually starts off being pretty effective and creepy. The opening, aside from a couple of cheesy moments at the end of the sequence, effectively demonstrates the childhood fear of things that look like the Boogeyman in shadow, becoming ordinary objects. Unfortunately, it ultimately descends into a fairly wrote showdown between man and badly rendered CGI monster. Interesting note: the partially rendered CGI in the alternate ending is actually a lot creepier than the finished version.

I watched Scarlet Diva by Asia Argento again. I enjoyed, if that's the right word, it a lot more the second time. It's incredibly well directed, shades here and there of her dad's style - some of the painted look of Suspiria in a couple of places and one shot straight out of Tenebre - but definitely more that was unique and her own, and artistically fearless. It's also very European in its tone and pace, which is easy to be thrown off by. I'm more excited even than before for The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, though.

I also want to give a very small shout-out to Dorm Daze. If you recall my initial review of Shallow Ground, recommended it as a movie to go ahead and grab on those days when you can't find anything on the shelf. I later found myself thinking more and more about Shallow Ground and realizing it was better than that. Dorm Daze has not had that change. It merely was an amusing farce - and it was actually a farce, unusual for American comedy - that was partially better because of our vastly diminished expectations.

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