Monday, August 08, 2005

Peter Jennings, RIP

ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies of cancer by Cal Mankowski.

This saddens me deeply.

There's no way at all to express it all, so I'll hope this one moment will mean something.

On 9/11, I sat and watched the news with Jo and my roommate Kevin. At first, all the news stations seemed to recognize this as a story that didn't need the usual American news melodramatic boost of bullshit. It was honestly one of the first heartening things on that day.

As the day wore on and there was less to say, more American news stations pulled out the old tried and true, milking-the-story techniques. But ABC had Peter Jennings and somehow he was so real and honest through it, working an extra long shift on a day that seemed as moving for him as it did for us, he was a comfort. He seemed to know, even while he had to bring Barbara Walters on for forced maudlin anecdotes, that this was the real thing and he just needed to treat it as it was.

Even without years of responsible journalism before and since, on this day, I'd have to pay my respects to the man who I watched through and took comfort in all that day.

Good-bye, sir.

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