Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fire and Ice

Ok, I did watch Fire and Ice.

For those of you who weren't 12 years old in 1983, this was the collaboration between the great Frank Frazetta and the vaguely more inconsistent Ralph Bakshi.

How is it? Well... It's good. I recommend checking it out.

It's not, mind you, nearly as good as it could have been and likely not as good as it should have been. It certainly is a pretty solid example of the genre in which it fits, which is a genre that holds only a few treasures and many... not so treasured works.

That said, there's something about Frazetta's paintings that all feel so vibrantly creative, that each one seems to stretch the imagination wide as it can go. This seems mostly satisfied to repeat the most familiar elements of the genre. It does so with skill, entertainment value and a lot of good and occasionally great imagery, so it can't be written off.

And Bakshi contention, most likely correct, that someone could animate in Frazetta's painting style now, rather than simply his comic pencilling style. I can't help thinking how wonderful that could be...

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