Sunday, October 23, 2005

Addams v. Munsters

Neil Gaiman has a very charming childhood reminiscence on his journal, The Addams Thing.

My reason for bringing it up, other than highly recommending it, is to note his use of the phrase "that-TV-Show-I-Saw-Once-But-Was-Never-On-Again-
That-Wasn't-The-Munsters". It caused me to wonder about the circumstances of running and success of both of those shows in the UK, although not terribly.

Mostly it got me thinking about the eagerness people always have to choose between similar things, such as The Munsters vs. The Addams Family. Now, gun to my head, I'm going with "The Addams Family", just to establish that I can make the call...

Now, I don't even need to imagine a gun to my head to know I'd choose the wonderfully quirky cartoons of Charles Addams over either television program. That just isn't a question.

But isn't there some point at which one is simply glad that some strange convergence came about in the mid-'60s to create these two quirky shows with their oddball assortment of characters and the unusually sexualized parents (somehow the Standards and Practices for both shows seem to have been distracted going through what morbidity could stay and what would go to notice these were the only two shows running at that time with a married couple you could tell liked to fuck each other)? Isn't it better to have them both to make a choice from than to be living in a world where only one came and there was no choice?

Damn, I love that both exist. Sometimes I love the world for the stupidest reasons, but I've gotta say, that's one of the reasons I do.

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