Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Blind Dead

I also finished watching all of the movies from The Blind Dead Collection. It was certainly edifying, if not always entirely entertaining.

Tombs of the Blind Dead (or La noche del terror ciego) I discussed earlier. I didn't go into as much detail regarding the harsher Spanish version on the DVD and the feelings I had regarding the rape scene. Unfortunately, I've sort of moved past the emotional attachment to those feelings and can't really think what I was going to say exactly.

The second two films, Return of the Evil Dead (or El ataque de los muertos sin ojos) and The Ghost Galleon (or El buque maldito), are both very interesting and visually stimulating in many ways, but neither quite comes together as a working movie as a whole. I did find myself pondering what I'd do with a remake of The Ghost Galleon... it certainly had enough to make a start of something very cool.

Night of the Seagulls (or La noche de las gaviotas) seems to be generally considered the best sequel in the series, but I'm going to go one further and say I think it's solidly the best movie in the series. The horrifying imagery remains, but the story feels tighter. The story of the small town and its guilt is fascinating. The symbolism of the seagulls is haunting.

Since the movies have no strong continuity, I suggest starting with that one.

Notes on titles: I did actually put the original Spanish titles up for a reason. For some reason, the translations of these seemed intriguing in various ways.

For some reason, the US distributor decided to take the obvious reference to Night of the Living Dead out of the title of what seems to be "The Night of Blind Terror" and come up with a title that oddly enough seems to better fit the movie.

The second film seems to translate as "The Attack of the Dead Without Eyes" in Spanish. It seems odd to me that with the original having been relatively successful that they wouldn't have wanted to mimic the "Blind Terror" more directly in their title. The original US theatrical title was The Return of the Blind Dead, which seems the most obvious title. Return of the Evil Dead is a later video title that seems intended to cash in on the success of Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead, but seems to have stuck with genre fans.

The Ghost Galleon seems to be a moderately accurate title. I get "The Cursed Ship" or something similar. The alliteration and seeming relative accuracy of the word "galleon" - which, of course, comes from the Spanish word "galeón", so isn't the actual word in the Spanish title - make it acceptable. And while there are no ghosts, in the more accepted sense of the word, in the film, the ship itself does seem to be something of a "ghost ship".

As far as I can tell, Night of the Seagulls is the only perfectly accurate translation of the bunch, so it's not very interesting to discuss here. Although it is still the most interesting film to actually watch, so there you go.

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