Thursday, October 27, 2005

Brief Notes

I've seen a few things that haven't gotten mentioned... Unfortunately, nothing too exciting.

I went to Scarecrow Video and picked up their copy of Season of the Witch, in order to watch There's Always Vanilla... the only George Romero movie I've not seen...

And after 15 minutes of near agony, it will remain so. Luckily, the interview with Romero in regard to both films on the disk is well worth the price of the extra rental.

There's a discussion of Your Vice is a Locked Door and I Have the Only Key entitled Your Vice Is Warm Beer And I’m Frankly Unimpressed. I can't say I disagree with Steve Guariento who wrote the initial post in much. I usually admire Sergio Martino's giallo work and Edwige Fenech is as hot as ever, possibly hotter in a couple of places, but criminally underused in this bland exceptionally dated '70s telling of Poe's The Black Cat (someday I'll research and find out why Italian filmmakers seem more fascinated by that Poe story than all others combined).

Ong-Bak has a terrible DVD, which probably adversely affected my take on the film itself. The badly translated subtitles are a regular feature of Asian import DVDs, but this is distributed by 20th Century Fox, and I don't recall ever seeing no English on the menu screens even on Asian imports. But the movie is actually pretty solid and quite fun in places.. I'm not sure why this caught the eye of anyone to give a moderate theatrical release in this country. It's perfectly entertaining, but as a genre fan, I'd have no trouble coming up with a list of better martial arts films that were neglected, several of which would even seem to have a broader appeal.

The Make Your Own Damn Movie! DVD set is interesting enough. It has solid interviews and worthwhile and relatively educational material, if seemingly too reliant on pre-existing DVD bonus material. Sorting through it is more of a pain than I am up for.

The original book, Make Your Own Damn Movie! by Lloyd Kaufman, is pretty decently structured and an essential indie moviemaking guide. The DVD set should have been, too, but falls short on both.

I'm rather itching to get writing. I suppose I should get on my big rewrite of "The Hunt" (for those unaware, the feature length script from which the story in Lakeside is extracted), but honestly, as shooting approaches the idea of making movies as opposed to hypothesizing weird ideas is increasingly exciting, so I may wrack my brain for a couple of more shorts and see where that leads me.

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