Friday, October 14, 2005

High Tension

There's no way to talk about High Tension without a huge spoiler warning (although Roger Ebert makes an interesting attempt linked previously).

Yeah... Anyone who knows my feelings on Fight Club probably has a good guess as to how I feel about High Tension. Both are excellent... Excellent! Up until they reveal their big twist ending at which point, they, well, basically suck.

Now, I've defended how Fight Club holds up in how conversations made sense and what not. I think it does a much better job than most other detractors claim at that (although it's still a fucking movie about a bunch of guys who see a dude kicking his own ass and decide to follow him as their messiah), and this doesn't have that.

As Ebert concluded "clever viewers will be able to see for themselves that the movie's plot has a hole that is not only large enough to drive a truck through, but in fact does have a truck driven right through."


How the fuck does any of that make sense? How does the scene at the beginning with the psycho using a severed head to fellate himself (or whatever the correct terminology for that would be) connect with the scene of Alex and Marie driving? How does the truck get to the old farm in the first place? Where does all the stuff in the truck comes from? Where does the yellow car come from?

Ok, I'll give them that one.

Like the physical fights between the psycho and Marie are reasonably an externalization of an internal conflict... I guess... The cool yellow car could be an externalization of how the good Marie was following the evil Marie... I guess...

But seriously. What the fuck is that big-ass truck? What were she and the gas station guy really talking about? What was the gas station guy really looking at?

And, the problem I had while I was still thinking the movie was pretty dang good, who in the crap puts on headphones before masturbating in a strange house?

The whole thing just didn't make the least bit of goddamn sense.

And we here can't be the only people who saw a wide and creepy streak of homophobia creeping through this sumbitch!

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