Monday, October 31, 2005

Horror and heroes

I had a thought on why it is Superheroes, or even most Hero Archetypes, bog down the horror. Ultimately, for a horror story to do its work, it needs to show you people being good and properly traumatized. Heroes can be altered for the better, but they must triumph or be destroyed. They can't simply be left traumatized.

That's why Hollywood very rarely makes good horror movies anymore. Sure, they make good movies that take place in a horror motif... even a great one or two... but they rarely leave you runover, ragged, sleepless and pondering the meaning of it all. There's simply too much reliance on Joseph Campbell and Syd Field.

Somewhere Americans got too lazy and stupid to give that much of themselves to movies (or books or plays or anything...) and movies stopped trying to give it to them. It's a huge vicious circle at this point. I'm not sure I can place where it ever began. It's very sad to me, though.

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