Thursday, October 06, 2005

Integrity and Prudishness

One of my potential Sunny's wrote the following email:

"Thank you for the info. I will not be auditioning, because after reading the script. I am not willing to be in a movie with gratuitous nudity (ie-the girl taking off her top to reveal her breasts.) There is no reason for that shot, except to show her breasts. If you are willing to cut that scene and any other nude scenes, then I would be interested. Thank you for your time and interest."

I replied:

"No thanks.

"I neither believe that the nudity in my script is even remotely gratuitous nor that so-called gratuitous nudity is something be avoided in art. Clearly our artistic desires are vastly separated. Good luck with that attitude, though.

"(Oh, yeah, and the boy removes the girl's top. I'd have thought that was clear enough in reading.)"

My favorite part is how he parenthetically explained what nudity he found gratuitous, in case we might not be sure what he was referring to.

Mind you, the script reads, "They kiss, then he reaches out and pulls her top down, exposing her breasts. She is shy for a moment." That's pretty clear.

In fact, the point of the scene is found in his removing her top. Maybe that's the problem.

Or maybe it's the traditional female nudity is exploitation thing. Note that he does say "i.e." (id est or "that is") the female nudity rather than "e.g." (exempli gratia or "for example") at least implying reference to the male nudity that occurs later and is almost intentionally gratuitous, although those two are very often used incorrectly, so that could be me reading too much in.

I do know that I turned down an actress I really liked personally and thought was an interesting choice for the part of my central character because of the nudity issue. There's certainly no way I'm going to change it over an actor for the secondary part who I've never seen work. Maybe if he was actually Romanian... or was Jason Bateman... I might have given it a moment's thought.

I plan to have a career. I plan during the course of that career to have plenty of gratuitous nudity, male and female, because nudity makes me happy. But I've had people of all ages, and more women than men, read my script and he's the first to call this gratuitous.

I suspect this guy is just a prude and I don't want any part of that.

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