Sunday, October 30, 2005

Masters of Horror

I watched Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, the first episode of Masters of Horror, directed by Don Coscarelli, based on a short story by Joe R. Lansdale.

The episode was really good, fun horror stuff. I definitely enjoyed it, especially Angus Scrimm's wonderful performance. I thought it maybe played a little too fast with the cutting, which made it feel a little too much like a trite modern horror movie, and the story itself, while compelling and featuring many smart elements, fits a little too nicely into the post-Texas Chain Saw Massacre crazy hillbilly on the loose genre. So, while it's definitely Wrong Turn for grown-ups, it's still ultimately Wrong Turn.

And that's the problem. The best part about Don Coscarelli's movies, however flawed any of them might be, is that they're so fresh and imaginative in themselves. This was an interesting take on something trite, but lacked that anything-could-happen feeling that I love in genre work and specifically in his movies.

So, I wasn't in love with it, but I see how it's a good starting place. I'm as psyched as ever for Dreams in the Witch House, you can read the original short story here no matter when you're reading this, by the great Stuart Gordon.

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