Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Notations on Neil Gaiman's Journal

Late in this post, The Amazon Mystery -- solved!, from Neil Gaiman's journal, someone wrote in to ask, "If I dress as Death for Halloween, the one from Sandman and I send you a photo will you put it up on your blog?"

Now, that Neil was more polite than this Neil is going to be... although if they had been writing to me, I hasten to note, I would have been equally polite. He started with, "Um, no. I don't think so." But goes on to suggest, "But if someone else volunteers to set up a webpage, or one of the picture service things, where people who dress as Death (or, I suppose, any characters I made up) for Hallowe'en can send their photos, then I will happily link to it from here when Hallowe'en is all done."

Ok, onto me.

Now, first of all, I love the need to clarify "the one from Sandman". I'm totally thrilled by the idea of people sending Neil Gaiman pictures of themselves dressed as The Grim Reaper to post on his journal, which never would have occured to me if this person hadn't clarified that. But it also go me thinking, what kind of costume is Death? I mean, she's just kind of a cute little Goth girl. Who dresses like Death for Halloween who doesn't dress that way most of the year anyway? That's an ass costume. At least come up with something a little hard to do if you're going to try to eat up his bandwidth. How about someone from 1602?

At least that's my $0.02.

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