Sunday, October 16, 2005

Random Notes

Jo sent me this link Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton. On the blog that links this, Thing a Week, he writes, "I’ve wanted to cover this song for a long time, because it is excellent - there’s a wonderful message in there for those of you who have big butts. In the proud tradition of many white Americans who came before me I hereby steal and white-ify this thick and juicy piece of black culture. Watch for my album Jonathan Coulton Sings Songs by Black People."


I got a Lakeside edition of "Dracula". I do have my own copy, but for those of you who've not read the script, the copy in the movie get thrown across the room and I didn't want to risk a good copy.

I went with the cover pictured here. It's got a cover by Boris Vallejo, which I'd not consider anywhere near his best work. The part that I love is that it says "Basis for a major motion picture".

Oh, man! I've been wondering when someone would finally make a movie of that book! Damn!

I've been reading Big Bosoms and Square Jaws by Jimmy McDonough, author of Shakey: Neil Young's Biography from a couple of years back. This one is about the late great Russ Meyer.

It's a fascinating read, one way or the other. As with "Shakey", McDonough manages to capture the feeling of an artist and the complexities surrounding him and how much is real, how much is legend. I think both subjects are somewhat impossible to get past the enigma and the myth, but it's certainly interesting to explore.

I haven't finished the book, so this isn't really a review... In fact, it's more leading up to my thought.

Back in the early days of grindhouse nudie movies, there were two types of sex exploitation films - the term "sexploitation" seems to have been coined post-Meyer - the Educational Movie (sometimes a how-to on sexual relations or, my favorite, bathing or a "documentary" look at the birth process, but most often a warning about abortion or drugs - Yes, kids, Reefer Madness was never intended to keep your grandparents off the weed, it was just an excuse to show women in their underwear. I promise) and the Nudist Film.

The Nudist Film genre is simply an end-around obscenity laws by showing good wholesome all-American folks doing all-American activities with no clothes on. For the most part, they're pretty boring, although fun for short bits. Russ Meyer is largely credited with moving the industry past these with his film The Immoral Mr. Teas.

Anyway, all of this is wandering way away from my point, which is that I think it would be awesome to do a short Clerks-style indie comedy that takes place in a Nudist Colony. No sex, no reference to naked parts, just people going about their wacky misadventures in the buff... and maybe getting a quick game of volleyball in there somewhere (an essential highlight of any Nudist Film as anyone who has seen a couple will surely tell you).

Alright. I've gotta have better things to do than this, right?

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