Sunday, October 02, 2005

Reading material

I've started reading the Dark Delicacies collection. So far, so good. Ray Bradbury starts everything off with the most hauntingly beautiful and amazing zombie story ever written... and, what in my mind, will likely live as one of my favorite Bradbury short stories. "Haekel's Tale" by Clive Barker finishes things off with a nicely smart and fucked-up story about sex and death.

I'm disappointed that Roger Corman won't be able to adapt that for Masters of Horror. I hope he's well and will be able to do something for the second season. "Haekel's Tale" would have been a compelling ending to a wonderful and eclectic career, much moreso than the intriguing but uneven Frankenstein Unbound.

I also recently read Teenagers From Mars by Rick Spears and Rob G at the recommendation of my friend Jo. It has an interesting story arc between a realistic story and a more operatic one. I paused somewhere during the transition and didn't think I was fully appreciating it. By the end, I was more than sold. It's brilliant and beautiful... a comic book geek take on the ideas in Pump Up The Volume! I want very much to make the movie now... and, for whatever it's worth, I want Rory, who's playing Raven in Lakeside, to be the co-star.

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