Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Runaways

Watched Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways by Vicki Tischler-Blue tonight.

The Runaways were a fun little band. The movie puts a glowing look on what that group of people might have accomplished had things been different, and it's not an uninteresting question. At their best, they brought a little Gary Glitter and a little Suzi Quatro to the table and mixed it with a little Deep Purple and a little Led Zeppelin. The generations to come would mix the later generations versions of punk, glam and metal in various ways, but there are few other examples of how those things could have blended from that very '70s dichotomy.

Much like the band, which works better as an idea than as a final product. And, yet, much like the band, which I recommend for what it is, I recommend this film for what it is.

The lack of Runaways music and Joan Jett involvement, which this interview, Waitin' For the Night by Chris Parcellin, answers a lot of questions regarding, hurts it significantly. Untimately, it feels incomplete.

But somehow it turns that into the message, the incompleteness of The Runaways themselves seems to haunt even the members who've gone on to success in their later lives, including an inmpressively lucid and candid Lita Ford... and clearly very much Joan Jett or she wouldn't have had the reaction she had regarding the film. Let's acknowledge here that a Runaways tour would make more money than Joan Jett and Lita Ford could make on separate tours, but somehow it's still something too sore in their lives.

That's sad... and the movie is sad.

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