Saturday, November 05, 2005

Roger Corman

Tim Lucas posted this entry, Cormania, on his blog yesterday. It's mostly about a couple of specific Roger Corman movies and definitely does make me want to revisit them. It's a really interesting read, check it out.

But what made it worth me making note of, aside from the wonderful hope he'll get an issue of Video Watchdog dedicated to Corman, was the reference to Corman as his "hero".

Now, remarkably often when one is the sort who aspires to a career as filmmaker, people ask whose career you'd most like to have. It's a weird question actually, but my stock answer is one that I understand is impossible in today's film market, Roger Corman's.

I've read How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime dozens of times... literally. It's incredibly inspiring.

But the amazing part isn't how many great movies this guy made - and it's more than most people with much greater reputations for these things - but just how many movies he made. Period.

That's what I wish was possible still. Make a horror movie, then, well, you've got these great sets, make two and make the second one a comedy horror movie. Then make a Western. Then a Gangster movie. Then a movie about motorcycle gangs...

That'd be the way to do. Just the actual job of filmmaking almost as a 9-to-5 job, moving from one thing to another, getting to play in every different type of movie. That sounds like a life to me.

By the way, Tim Lucas also wrote "Masters of Horror's" First Masterpiece, which makes this weeks episode even more tantalizing for me... Dammit!

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