Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Footnote on art, comics, etc.

The tie-up of all the things I said in my last post - except those things directly related to the inimitable Clive Barker - is that I didn't hate all of Michael Turner's art. I did enjoy one aspect... His interpretations of Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters and places were quite interesting. It's like using his imagination instead of references from issues of Maxim and mid-90s-era Wizard actually forced him to find something like talent in himself.

The banal and lifeless world of people caught in what makes sense in the real world sense is an increasingly deadening factor in all of the arts right now. The Internet has found its purpose and that is to squash all forms of genuinely creative, innovative or even somewhat interesting artistic expression.

I know, in a smaller sense, it has created a place where those of us who enjoy such things can share and network... to let each other know what really is interesting, how to find it, etc. This, along with the advent of the DVD, has created a widening market for a lot of the cult interests I so cherish and I celebrate this.

Unfortunately, the stupid, the insipid, the lifeless drones who only want to be mollified by more of the amusements they're accustomed to in basically the same form they're accustomed to receiving it manage to shout so loud and can even sound logical and... common... on the surface that they make people sit up and notice. They are the death of art, eventually they will even be the death of the kind of middle-of-the-road American bullshit they desire, as even that erodes to a point of so little purpose as to bore even them... and they don't even see it coming.

Anyway, speaking of Kirby, Senator Stomp! by Mark Evanier takes on the abuse of Kirby's icons to attack the things dear to him. I wish more people would make note of points like this.

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