Monday, December 19, 2005

TV Shows on DVD

I've been under the weather the last couple of days. Blech. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better this week, since I have plenty to do.

Anyway, I spent yesterday, mostly laying on the couch watching Undeclared - The Complete Series. Man, that's a great show. I knew that, mind you. Apparently, I saw every aired episode during the time they aired.

I don't have any new insights into its wonderfulness. It's just a great show and FOX just sucks.

It got me thinking, though. The thought had creeped up here and there before and, honestly, with some of the sexual frankness in there, increasingly as the show went on... but the scene with Rachel dancing on the bar with pixelated bosoms got it out in the full of my brain, how soon until we get "uncensored" or "unrated" versions of network TV shows on DVD?

I'm surprised more shows haven't come out already with scenes cut out by standards and practices, but increasingly movies are shot with two versions of scenes, the boobs out and the skimpy costumes version and released on DVD in an "unrated" version with the latter scenes included. "Dream On" shot some scenes clean for later syndication. How long before the next "Undeclared", or even the next "Friends", shoots scenes they know won't get on TV, but they know can be marketed on a special DVD set?

Mind you, despite my enormous penchant for nudity, I'm not really advocating this. I suspect when it comes, it will invariably have a lot more stupid shots of background characters and extras pointlessly tacked on to entice the viewer with the possibility of seeing the big stars in their altogether. And I bet even more that more of them will do more harm then good to the flow of the stories and working of the episode.

That said, I'll probably be in line with you at the video store with my copy of whatever it is, with the faint but enticing hope that it will be something more than there's any reasonable chance for it to be...

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