Sunday, December 25, 2005

War on Christmas

I Saw Jackie Mason Kissing Santa Claus by Frank Rich. It hits most of the important points from Fuck Christmas in a more socially acceptable way. It also makes a few points of its own.

The point is that the faux religious theocrats who invented and hyped this "War On Christmas" made this up whole cloth from some hairs of truth and many outright fabrications (yes, there is a commandment in their religion forbidding that kind of behavior, but they this is the important thing - these aren't sincere believers, they are hypocrites) in order to distract and infuriate the right people in order to keep us from thinking about how bad their president is and raise money.

"But it’s also possible that 2005 may turn out to be the year the God card was so wildly overplayed in politics and commerce alike that it began to lose its clout with Americans who are overdosing on the strict speech and belief codes of Christian political correctness. That the judge who ruled so decisively in Pennsylvania’s revival of the Scopes trial is a Republican appointed by President Bush is almost enough to make the bah-humbug crowd believe in Santa Claus."

Oh, dear Lord, I pray this is true.

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