Thursday, January 05, 2006

The 40-Year Old Virgin

Ok, I watched this for the first time.

I mention this mostly because I, of course, watched the Unrated Edition with its additional 17 minutes. I was a little wary of this, I must say, since I'd heard from a couple of people that it, if anything ran a little long and slow... and deep and... I mean... anyway... that it needed tightening in its theatrical version, not, errr... loosening.

I don't know. I thought this was great. Funny. Charming. All the way through. Would I have felt the same in a theater full of people, instead of in my living room eating Chinese food and pausing to go to the bathroom? Maybe not.

For better or worse, I totally related to the main character. I could totally have turned into that guy, if I hadn't had - and, sure, made - a couple of lucky breaks for myself at the right time. Honestly, I think it's better to keep a little of one's dorkiness alive. But it does help to have a certain confidence in oneself to be able to shrug off whoever says you're too much of a dork...

Like, a world where a man can't hang out at his own apartment and sing Cameo on his own expensive Karaoke machine... that's not a place fit for civilized human beings. Ok, I don't have an expensive Karaoke machine - or an inexpensive one, for that matter - but if I did, you can bet your ass, I'd do my dance, my dance... well, you know.

Other than that, not much to say. I laughed a lot. I really liked the characters. Blah-blah-blah! Seth Rogan continues to rule in everything he's in.

And, well, someday I want to just hang with Judd Apatow and listen to records. That would be sweet!

You may wonder why I didn't see King Kong tonight... or you think you do. I'm happy. I've been craving Chinese food for a week now.

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