Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Calvin peeing

Ok, occasionally I ponder weird shit... and some weird shit haunts me, time and again, and that's really what this thing is for, so I can exorcize this shit from my mind, and leave it in yours.

Now, bumperstickers with Calvin peeing...

Yeah, what's up with that? I'm not even sure what it means.

I assume, my love/respect for the Calvin character is supposed to leave me agreeing with his hatred for whatever he's peeing on. I'm not sure, however, that my feelings toward Calvin is such that I believe I should follow his guidance, or even that Bill Watterson, who does not endorse Calvin peeing on anything even less whatever specific thing people place beneath the stream, intended me to take his guidance.

I suppose in some way, Calvin does kind of "take a piss" on any number of things, in the figurative sense. One could almost see him as a comic page Johnny Rotten (who turns 50 today, Tim Lucas wrote a wonderful tribute, Fifty Years Young). However, while I think we need people, and comic strips, around to "take a piss" on our institutions - in fact, I'm probably much more inclined that direction myself - doesn't that lessen the effect of each time he "takes a piss" or indeed takes a piss on something specific.

Wouldn't it be an even stronger statement to, say, have Linus Van Pelt peeing on the thing you hate? Linus is the voice of intellect, reason and, most importantly, moderation. He doesn't just take a piss on things... in fact, it's almost unimaginable that he would, so whatever could get him in such a state that he'd just drop trou and piss on it would have to really truly suck.

Not that I'm suggesting that violating the Schultz estate's intellectual property in order to make your juvenile points is any less heinous than violating Bill Watterson's, just it seems to make more sense to me.

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