Thursday, January 05, 2006

Courtney Crumrin

I've been reading these Courtney Crumrin books recently. There are three volumes and I've now read them.

I'd previous read - or rather tried to read - the much apparently much acclaimed How Loathsome, which is also by Ted Naifeh, and found it rather tedious.

The Courtney Crumrin books are, on the other hand, are a delight. They are the story of a little girl who gets moved in with her great uncle and discovers that she's a witch and then has fabulous but somewhat scary adventures. I think they're quite charming and the art really catches a nice blend of tones that fits the stories well.

I mention this not only to recommend these wonderful books, but also to tell something, while hopefully not spoiling the moment.

At one point Courtney has a wonderful line, which is "There are worse things than loneliness." Without spoiling the story, the line is said not as a comfort but a threat. I'm focusing my mind on both meanings right now.

Complicated night for me. Anyway, I'm off to watch Forbidden Zone. I'll probably bore y'all with the details later.

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