Monday, January 30, 2006

Creative convergence

I finished my, admittedly late, evening with a pot pie, some ice cream and a viewing of Who Saw Her Die? by Aldo Lado.

I'm getting this out of the way, since it seems impossible to review this movie without mention Nicolas Roeg's brilliant and haunting Don't Look Now. I'm certainly not accusing anyone of plagiarism, although CD Universe does indeed say, "Atmospheric and evocative, Who Saw Her Die? borrows elements from Nicolas Roeg's masterful Don't Look Now and grafts them with the conventions of the giallo, creating a film that is, at once, haunting, suspenseful, and disturbing."

Only one, easily spotted flaw in that theory. Don't Look Now first showed in December of 1973. Who Saw Her Die? was released at least a year prior to that.

The movie stars George Lazenby, last seen in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (produced from the best screenplay ever made into a 007 movie), and Anita Strindberg as the parents. Lazenby has the hair, mustache and coat that would become iconic on Donald Sutherland in the later film, but I digress... a quick Google search will find you a dozen hits comparing the several striking similarities, and a few less striking but still interesting.

As to Who Saw Her Die? as a film in itself. It's solid. Pretty standard giallo stuff all around. Good sense of tension. A lot of really striking and well-placed imagery. A delightfully convoluted solution. Yep, I enjoyed it.

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