Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Anatomical pondering

Ok, I had a brief note regarding some spam I got and Little Dicks Everywhere by Dan Savage.

And what occurs to me... I know for sure that no elixir exists that actually will make a person's wiener grow, but it occurs to me there's no reason at all to think it would even be possible.

The only bio-chemical reaction that I'm aware causes permanent growth in that neighborhood also causes the entire body to grow. I certainly don't feel I'm sharing too much intimate information to note that's how it worked for me since it was my understanding it worked that way universally.

In the time since my penis stopped showing any permanent growth, my entire body has shown the same trend... Well, except occasional expansion of my tummy.

Now, I can't think that I've spent a sleepless night wondering what life would be like with a bigger dick. I'm always far too distracted about the expanding tummy. Maybe if I had a swimmer's build, I could get around to wishing I was hung like John Brown, but probably not.

I just can't help wonder how people who buy into these schemes even imagine it would work... or could work?

Yeah, I know. It's not about what they think at all.

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